Where is the staging directory or how do I deactivate packaged staging?


I got OE to run about one month ago. Now I am trying to get some DSP
stuff to work as I must write my own DSP code.
I read many tutorials, e.g. this one: http://ossie.wireless.vt.edu/trac/wiki/BeagleBoard_CodecEngine
The compiler toolchain should be in the staging directory but I don't
see one in the temporary directory of OE.
I am using the Ångström setup script (oebb.sh).
It looks like as if the whole thing works with packaged staging. (At
least I only see a pstage directory).
Is there any possiblity to switch back to normal staging, so that I
can simply follow most of the tutorials out there?

I need the following stuff which should be inside the tmp/staging
directy (according to some tutorials): Kernel, dsplink toolchain (for
compiling arm side code).

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,

Sven Wilksen

that wiki (like all wikis) is outdated, staging is called sysroots nowadays. But you don't need any of that lowlevel stuff if you write a recipe for your code, that would be much easier.

Op 15 jun 2010 om 14:18 heeft SvenWilksen <sven@wilksen.se> het volgende geschreven:\

I just need a compiler for the gpp side of my DSP code.
All those wikis seem to be a good documentation. I haven't found any
newer documentation showing how to compile self-written DSP code.
So I want to use a standalone compiler as there are many
documentations for it.