Where is the web server root directory on Angstrom Linux (BeagleBoard | BeagleBone)?

I'm trying to find the default web server directory on my BeagleBone with Angstrom Linux. That is, where are the files served when I go to:


Another way would be to answer this question: How do I find out what directory a port number points to on my BeagleBone with Angstrom Linux?

That would depend on the webserver you are using. If you are using lighttpd or apache2 then the config files are under /etc/
If you are talking about the one that ships with the distribution it is actually a socket server that runs as a service. Easy to implement in bonescript

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Thanks for this link. I was using the default bone server, but today I switched to lighttpd.

look for the index.html file in /usr/share/bone101/