where should define i2c_write function in u-boot 1.3.2

i have running code for omap3530beagle based on u-boot 1.1.4.
now i want fix this running code on u-boot 1.3.2
in this desire i could succedd somewhat , by making crosspondin copy
and modification in following file.
       file impoted from beaglecode to denx -u boot
1) cpu/omap3 ... (cpu specific code)
2) board/omap3530beagle/ .... (board specific code)
3)include/asm-arm/arch-omap3/....... (cpu related include
4)include/configs/omap3530beagle.h (board related information)
5) adde a line in Makefile something like this

Because the OMAP3 is highly compatible with the OMAP2 in many
respects, you should see that it is not reasonable to create an
entirely new i2c routine/driver to provide support for a compatible

I suggest you get familiar with the norms of the denx.de community to
best have your patches preserved, rather than to rely on the Beagle
Board folks. My guess is those here are probably a bit more
interested seeing some things work on this platform and getting the
boards, than to architect the way u-boot supports a whole family of
devices. Still, it doesn't hurt to keep us informed.

My thought is that it makes sense to rename the support files from
'omap24xx_i2c' to something like 'omap_i2c' and to comprehend the
various generations of OMAP devices within the single file. Don't
take that as an official (useful) position in any way, just my own
personal sense. I believe the right place to find out is to seek
request-for-comment from the u-boot maintainers.

Someone forwarded this presentation on participating in the Linux
community that I think is a rather nice summary: http://tree.celinuxforum.org/CelfPubWiki/ELC2007Presentations?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=corbet-dev-process.pdf


thank you sir,
just i tried omap2 i2c routine for omap3 , it worked.
as u told omap2 routine can be used for omap3 so without making any
change i followed it. there had been need only make a change in
preproccessor definition.
i succedd in making compilation of u-boot 1.3.2 for omap3 by taking
reference of beagle code which had been written for 1.1.4.
i am going to explain in detail in another blog scrap.