where to buy

hi, any one could help me? I would buy 5 for our school in brazil.

beagleboard black
digikey, mouser, adafruit, arrow, jameco stock 0 (zero)
1 week every day i look for and stock is still zero.



I got my BBB from specialcomp off of Amazon might want to check there as well cause when I got mine on Amazon it was not listed as in stock on his actual website. Good luck.

Thanks for your reply Gerald but specialcomp.com is not a trust company (for me) and the ship is tooo expensive.
ir charge me 55 for ship the others charge me 20 ou 15.

2013/5/12 Gerald Coley <gerald@beagleboard.org>

Then all I can suggest it to pick your favorite trustworthy distributor, place and order, and wait for boards to appear. Don’t wait for them to show stock!


thanks Gerald I will do that.

Amazon doesnot sell to Brazil as easy as it can be. :frowning:
I sugest to put it in dx.com. 100% of the next board :D.


2013/5/13 Gerald Coley <gerald@beagleboard.org>

We do not sell the boards. That is up to the distributors to sell there if they chose. We are working with a company in Brazil to bring them online. But the process takes time and they were late getting to us with a request to be a distributor.