Where to buy?

I tried ordering my beagle board today from digikey but they said it's
on back order till july 7th. It looks like mouser may have it but
they're charging $30 more for it. Does anybody know of any other
sellers? I haven't had much luck finding anyone else who sells it.



Mouser does not have the Beagle board. DigiKey is the only supplier. DigiKey gets boards every week and the date is not July 7th.

Just wait untill the number in the inventory says more than 0 and place your order. Or, just place the order and when they receive more, they will send them.


My colleague here JUST had an online conversation with Digikey support
and they said that they had Beagle Boards available for shipping

So not sure what the deal is... one of the reps has to be wrong.

Digikey now says 25 in stock.

We shipped 400 to them last week.


Not exactly. They have more than 25. It shows 25 because that it the max one person can order. It will show that until it drops below 25.


Hi, I really wanna know where and how exactly I can get a beagleboard
because I tried to buy by Digikey but they don`t have it anymore.


Currently, it is still best to place the order with Digi-Key and they will ship when additional stock arrives. They are just selling very quickly, so the stock goes down to 0 every now and again. New boards are being made and shipped to Digi-Key frequently.