Where to get latest kernel and patches

Hello all,

I have been playing with with my BBxM Rev C for about two weeks now. I
have past experience using Buildroot so I started with this:


I have a usable kernel and filesystem built but the LAN9514 hub is not
enumerating. After much digging I found the USB3320 was not powered
correctly. (HUB_1V8 is only outputting 0.813V) At this point I could
change the TPS65950 configuration and rebuild but some googling makes
me suspect I am missing the latest patch set for the kernel.

Any advice on where to find the latest kernel and patch set for BBxM
Rev C?

Thank you,

Hmm.... no response so far.

Maybe a better question is which development tool should I use?

I have done embedded ARM projects using Buildroot in the past and am
fairly comfortable
with it. I thought that it would be fairly easy to get up and running.
I was primarily just looking for a
place to get a stable kernel and appropriate patch set. However, it
looks like OE / Angstrom / Arago
are the defacto environments for getting a Beagleboard up.

Is Buildroot a viable tool for the Beagleboard xM?