Where to order the BeagleBone AI?

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Stay tuned. Did you sign up for the e-mail notification via BeagleBoard.org - AI ?

can we preorder?

No pre-orders. Orders available soon.

price ?

Thought I already replied to this, but I don’t see it…

Price will be around US$100, not including any related tariffs.

You know what, it was on a totally dumb thread name about Raspbian where the price question shouldn’t have been asked.

100 bux sounds like a good deal. Furthermore, for me, and people like me. This platform makes

more sense than the x15 full sized board. For a credit card sized board this thing sure will pack some muscle. .

The distributor order pages are all live now. See BeagleBoard.org - AI. E-mail notice goes out within the hour.

Or, I guess I can save you a couple of clicks. I don’t really need to track them. :slight_smile:


Do you know if all the vendors are providing the same kit?

(Esp. is the heatsink always included?) Some photos have it, some don’t…

The images are wrong on many of the sites (old). The same heatsink is included on all the boards. The kits are all the same.

A fan and a USB type-C power brick w/ cable are the most useful accessories. The Fan Cape is still pending. Just got the part number this morning, but not orderable yet.