Where to purchase?

I see that production runs should start hitting distribution soon. Will the board be available anywhere besides RS Components?

Nothing closed yet with other distributors. We are having to go through the approval process to become a supplier. That is holding things up.


Two weeks ago, I got four boards from RS Components. Ordering process was smooth, BUT: One of them was missing the heat sink, had filled fan connector pins, smelled like it got too hot, was scratched, had rusty inductors,…

Seems as if I got a used A2 prototype… But yes, they still have some in stock :wink:


Can you send me some pictures? Which inductors were rusty?


The oxidation is a common issue on the ferrite inductors. It is related to exposure to heat and is cosmetic in nature. We think we have a way to prevent that so we will be implementing that on the next round of boards. Here is a little blurb from DigiKey about it http://www.digikey.com/en/pdf/v/vishay-dale/effect-surface-oxidation-ihlp

As to the other three issues, those are related to updating these boards from the TI X15 EVM use to the BeagleBoard-X15 use. None of these will be the case on the actual B1 run of boards.

-Removal of the jumpers and addition of the resistors. Looks like a soldering iron slip. Should not have gone out.
-Addition of the Heatsink. Missed inspection.
-Addition of the fan connector. Not sure what the issue was there, but should not be an issue on the full production run as it is mounted by default, not as a modiication.
-Removal of current measurement headers (Totally removed on the B1 version).

These will be correct on the production run.


Special Computing is now offering both RevA2 (stock) and RevB1 (pre-order).

Special Computing

What is the part number for the header for the fan on the board? My Rev 2 of the board doesn’t have it.

It is on the latest Bill of material.

Thank you