Which board for playing internet radio stations?

If I want to play internet radio stations which board is best suited for this?
Can I do this with a Beaglebone or do I need to use Beagleboard xm?

Well, I bought a Beagleboard XM Rev C and using mplayer to play mms, asx streams work great!

Audio was not working first, but found instructions on http://lowcost-robot.org/?p=201 how to do it.

Had to do “opkg install alsa-utils-amixer alsa-utils-alsamixer” first

I managed twice to, while inserting cable to audio out, to put my finger on the sd card and eject it.
Then I couldn’t get the board to be booted again. Tried reset and unplugging power couple of times but
the board would not start and I could not ssh to it.

After writing a disk image again on the sd card it was working again.