Which kernel features are needed to use the BeagleTouch on the BeagleBoard C4?

Hi all,

I got a working BeagleBoard+BeagleTouch system, using LiquidWare’s stock kernel and Angstrom filesystem. Then, I tried a newer kernel, using the uImage from http://www.angstrom-distribution.org/demo/beagleboard/ After switching from ttyS2 to ttyO2 in U-Boot and /etc/inittab, I’m able to see kernel boot messages and navigate the filesystem via my external console (PuTTY). However, my BeagleTouch no longer shows anything.

How can I get the BeagleTouch working with the new kernel?



I found the kernel patch that enables BeagleTouch support: https://github.com/liquidware/liquidware_beagleboard_linux/commit/28a3b13f5f66849a719e0388bab584f4061e06bf

Other relevant upgrades since then can be found in the commit history at https://github.com/liquidware/liquidware_beagleboard_linux/commits/liquidware

I’m posting this here in case someone else is looking for the same thing.