Which USB to TTL cable should I buy from here?

I would like to buy a USB to TTL cable, from what I’ve seen they’re used for debugging.

I don’t know which cable would be best for the BeagleBone Black and how to connect it without killing the board.

Here’s the shop I want to buy the cable

An alternative would be to buy a ttl-uart serial adapter, but I don’t know which one.

(I’m a newbie this is my first board, I never done this before)

I’ve been using a prolific 2303hx for about a year now. https://www.amazon.com/Armorview-PL2303HX-RS232-Module-Converter/dp/B008AGDTA4

They’re fairly inexpensive, and they seem to be supported very well. It works great on Linux, or Windows, but I prefer to use it on Windows because Linux cmdline tools seem to glitch often, and do not format white spaces, and line feeds correctly after some time. These can also be had( yes, serial cable format ) for about $1.30 off ebay, and a couple dollars shipping.

Many people prefer FTDI cables and converters, and I would too except they’re more expensive than these prolific cables. If I were to design serial into a PCB I’d probably go with FTDI, but buying a cable, I prefer these prolific cables.

Oh, and right. I have not looked to see if there are 5v ttl only versions of this cable. But make sure the cable you buy is 3.3v TTL logic. If you put a 5v TTL logic cable on the serial debug header, you’ll either blow up the on board serial debug port. Or worse you’ll fry the processor.

I ordered a PL2303HX USB to TTL RS232 Module Serial Cable for Cubieboard FZ0432 the red wire is 5V but I don’t think I need it.