Who has BBB in stock?

My order for a BeagleBoard Black from Amazon (Jameco Electronics) was cancelled today after promising they would deliver this week. I can’t find anyone with stock anywhere in the country, at least at the regular price of $45. Some folks are selling at $59 but I’m shy of ordering at these scalping prices because I don’t have faith they will actually ship.

Who’s got it?


We are shipping right at 3,000 per week. As you can see, there is still no stock.


Keep making them. I ordered my v6 model from Special Electronics in Scottsdale. He was very helpful. I should get it Friday.
BTW, Amazon still lists it from Jameco, but they have no stock, so there is something strange going on in the pipeline.

Yes, everyone is out of boards. But, they keep taking orders. We ship. They get, They ship. Nothing left.


3,000 x $45 = $135,000 per week, or $7,020,000 per year.
Everyone goes on about the Raspberry Pi but the BBB isn’t exactly standing still.

Mine took ages to turn up - it was worth the wait.

– Alan

I'm seeing it now!
Actually, here in Italy, no BB blacks 'till january, 16 of 2014 (maybe)...


We hope so. We have a bunch of people buying up boards from distributors and putting them in products. So, it may be much longer than that.


Newark (North America) has in stock:

I’ll find out the actual number as .

Also, MicroCenter has them too and I’ve often stop in there to buy them. In fact just bought one last Sunday there:


I know Newark shows up on Octopart, but there are a bunch that do not. That seems to be what people go by. That, and the go back to where they bought boards before.