why beaglebone black runs at runlevel "1"?

Why beaglebone black with Angstrom distro is running at runlevel 1 for single user mode? is there any way to make BBB to run on level 5?
Why echo #DISPLAY returns nothing?

Sure install a desktop image or install the needed packages for a
desktop to be created then it will run on run level 5. Or you could
always manually change it to boot in run level 5, but without x-server
you wont have the GUI for it.

Are you sure you are not in run level 2? how did you verify you are in
run level 1?

Also your echo command should be


to find out run level you can do



The gdm.service is running and I have GUI on the screen.
still the runlevel command response is 1.



when I put

who -r

run-level 5 Jan 1 00:00
the response is 5,
so I am a bit confused.

returns empty string or nothing

returns empty string as well

What we are trying to do is to start firefox on the local LCD7 cape (automatically or remotely)…
The way we do this normally on MOST Linux distros is to call:

firefox -display :0

Then we can call it as a script from any session context.
The problem has been that we don’t know the name of the display. The xset commands (which require the display name) don’t work either.