Why is eclipse prompting me for password when trying to connnect to BBB through remote systems?

Hi Everyone,

I have recently started getting my hands on with the BBB and have been following Derek Molleys blog. Presently I am following his video on cross compiling using eclipse luna in chapter 7 http://exploringbeaglebone.com/chapter7/. However I am facing a bit of a problem here trying to have access to my BBB using the remote systems on eclipse. The problem is as follows:

When I try to connect to the BBB, a window pops up stating that I am using the default username and password as shown in the image, as I had not set any password for my BBB. Then, once I click “OK”, then another window pops up as shown in the image, prompting for requirement of password in order to access the files on my BBB.

Now, I do not know what password is it asking for? and why is it prompting for a password, as I haven’t set any?. Can anyone provide me some support on resolving this issue and shed some light If I am doing anything wrong?.

Thank you all in advance!


Assuming an unmodified Debian release.

If you log in as ‘debian’, you need a password, which is given to you as part of the log-in dialog.

If you log in as ‘root’, you do not need a password.

— Graham