why my many starterware example in CCS with JTAG debugger can not work

Hello everyone,

I have a question annoy me for weeks:

My hardware is beaglebone black, and TI starterware version is AM335X_StarterWare_02_00_01_01, and with patch updated, in CCS 8.3 enviroment. In CCS 8.3, I import starterware example, compile , build, load into BBB, for example - gpio, which is a LED blink application, it can work. but I tried some other example - DMTimer, can not work, the code can not enter into interrupt ISR. I also tried another example UARTecho, it can not work either, no response on Uart0 terminal.

It seems the code can not handle interrupt correctly,

Is anyone meet with the same problem? now I don’t know what the problem is. Is the starterware example code have bugs? Can someone help me on this ?

Thank you very much!!!