why my wireless r8712u only works at Ubuntu

card: D-LINK DWA-131. It works well at Ubuntu nearly out-of-box. But on Angstorm, I spent one whole day and finally didn’t make it running successfully. After I uploaded firmware and read many guides found here, the blue light of wireless dongle turn on. But then I can’t get better result.

I am wondering:
1)why did Beaglebone not carry a wireless module with itself? I saw many struggles on this issue in this group. Who will use the RJ45?
2)what’s the advantage of Angstorm release over Ubuntu?


Wireless module was not included on the BeagleBone, as has been the case for all Beagleboards, because it is cheaper to add a USB module for wireless than include it on the board, which would add significant cost to the board. It also allows various suppliers of the modules to be connected to the board. Plus, it complicates FCC testing as the board is not enclosed, which would require significant challenges getting it to fit on the small board along with all the other radiating critters on the board.

As to the RJ45, ther are lot of people who will use it when you consider that it usues a dedciate controller in the processor and does not rely on using USB to connect the WIFI module. RJ45 has higher througput than you can get over WIFI.

Angstrom ships with the board. Ubuntu does not. Other than that, it is pretty much what you prefer.


FCC testing… I see

Now I am thinking maybe I should use BeagleBone like another Arduion, rather than trying to build a full-function PC, like connect to LCD, connect to keyboard.


I succeeded! After I removed all connman-* package…