Wi-fi video stream to android phone from beaglebone


my aim is to send video stream via Wi-fi from beaglebone to android phone in real-time.

angstrom is on beaglebone and I am planning to use OpenCV to get video from web cam…

is there any advice for this project.

Thanks in advance…

hi edward;

I found some articles on the net’ too.I will read them.

my plan is to first run the simple code on desktop pc then cross-compile the source code and finally port the code on my beagleboone.

Angstrom is on beaglebone but I did not experience UVC support on Angstrom.

I will explore it by experiments.

keep in touch


2012/8/8 edward arreola <arreolaedward@gmail.com>

yes I have the same issue , with angstrom and UVC support, so I
switched to ubuntu and that supports UVC I was able to access video
no longer booted , and now that my new problem trying to figure out
why it fails to boot , no matter what i have tried.

uart shows some giberish , no activity on the leds. just power.


I will try to explore the problems and try to fix them.

And I will give you feedback…

2012/8/10 edward arreola <arreolaedward@gmail.com>

Hey Guray , i am not sure if you know about this but here is what i
tried. worked up unitll I cut power to the beagle board xm .



I think this is good for you: http://code.google.com/p/beagleoncreate/

They Installed USB Video Class driver on Beagleboard-xM with Angstrom that came with the microSD card.

在 2012年8月8日星期三UTC+8下午3时06分35秒,embedizm写道:

If you don’t want to do any video processing, then it is pointless to use OpenCV.

I wrote a small app, which uses Video4Linux2 (V4L2) API to get video frames in M-JPEG format, and streams them over HTTP like IP-cameras do.
VLC player and most browsers can play that stream. (I actually also made a quick hack, to capture video in yuyv format and then convert it to M-JPEG before streaming).

If you are interested, I can make the code Open source and put it up to GitHub for example.

However with the BeagleBoard xM I was using, there were some artifacts in the video stream which was obtained over USB.

Karl Tarbe


I’m also interested. I wrote an application but my application is too slow, about 0,5 sec of latency

2012/8/12 Karl <karulont@gmail.com>

Hi Karl;

I will not make any processing on video but I also send environmental datas such as temperature and moisture.Then, I want to get these datas(real-time video, temperature, moisture) from my Android phone via Wİ-Fİ

Could you give me any advice on this project?


2012/8/13 Karl <karulont@gmail.com>

Well, i managed to do it using gstreamer and gst-rtsp-server on angstrom. On android i used the IP Cam Viewer Lite app.