wicd correct configuration debian

Recently, i’ve been using debian distribution and i 've had several problems with the configuration for wired network settings. I tried to configure my host with a static ip and afterwards configure a dhcp ip through bash script. Besides, configure the static ip for eth0 interface(set the appropriate parameters such as ip, net mask, gateway, dns-nameservers in the file /etc/network/interfaces) as follows :

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static

The configuration is wired through ethernet cable.

After that configuration i modify /etc/wicd/wired-settings.conf
as follows:

ip =
broadcast =
netmask =
gateway =
search_domain =
dns_domain =
dns1 =
dns2 =
dns3 =
beforescrip = None
afterscrip = None
predisconnectscrip = None
postdisconnectscrip = None
encryption_enabled = None
default = True
dhcphostname = beaglebone
lastused = True

and finally the file /etc/wicd/manager-settings.conf

backend = external
wireless_interface = None
wired_interface = eth0
wpa_driver = wext
always_show_wired_interface = True
use_global_dns = False
global_dns_1 = None
global_dns_2 = None
global_dns_3 = None
global_dns_dom = None
global_search_dom = None
auto_reconnect = True
debug_mode = True
wired_connect_mode = 0
signal_display_type = 0
should_verify_ap = 1
dhcp_client = 0
link_detect_tool = 0
flush_tool = 0
sudo_app = 0
prefer_wired = True
show_never_connect = True

But i came across with a problem because each time i try to connect the host to the network, the ethernet interface sometimes gets up and the ifconfig command doesn’t show the static ip configured.

Other problem i came across is when i configure static ip after reboot the network configuration has a ip configured via dhcp. i mean, lost the static configuration.
having configure both dynamic or static ip and ensure network connection with ping i unplugged Ethernet cable and plugged in afterwards, i noticed the phy interface is not working any more and after several time the phy interface is up and communication is established.

  1. how can i manage those issues?

2 ) I wonder if you could recommend to me some steps to follow in the configuration for the wicd files for static and dynamic dhcp .

  1. would you may tell me what are the correct steps i have to follow to configurate dhcp and static ip correctly?

  2. Is there some command or utility to manage the time phy interface gets up after a hot plug?

thank you i hope you can help me.
best regards