Wifi ad-hoc running on BeageBone

I can setup my Asus N10 Wifi dongle to connect to my local network using wpa_supplicant.

I am trying to setup my BeagleBone so I can connect to it directly using Wifi. I think ad-hoc is the way to go?

However, I am a bit confused with wpa_supplicant since it is a “client” I think. It has some sample code for “ad-hoc” which I used. But when I run it, it seems to be trying to connect to an ad-hoc network as suppose to make one available for others to connect to.

Is wpa_supplicant the right tool for my purpose?

here is my config file for wpa_supplicant:

ap_scan=2 network={ ssid="my adhoc" mode=1 key_mgmt=NONE }



your getting ahead of yourself with wpa_supplicant, first just get a network going.

Try the following commands:

ifconfig wlan0 down

iwconfig wlan0 mode ad-hoc
iwconfig wlan0 essid name_of_network ap 02:1A:34:56:78:9A channel 1

ifconfig wlan0

ifconfig wlan0 up

Note: you might need to use iw instead of iwconfig depending on the kernel and patchset, in which case you’ll have to read the man pages for iw