Wifi adapter RT3070 and AR9271

I have a review Beaglebone 5 Angstrom running kernel 3.2.5 +. I tried to put an adapterbased on the ar9271 chipset with drivers and ath9k_htc fails. I installed the package wireless-tools and did not work, simply appears in LSUB “Atheros comunication inc” and no recognizes wlan0.
Then I bought a dongle based on the RT3070 chipset. The board acknowledged thewlan0 and appeared as RT2800usb. But when I give the command ifup wlan0 it gives problem rfkill does not iwlist scan and nothing to connect.

I tried downloading the driver from the Ralink site and tried to compile with the make command and it gives a problem in the build folder inside the folder kernel.

Can anyone help me?..