WiFi Connectivity in BeagleBone Black

Hi everyone. We are working on a project which requires the beaglebone to be connected to two wifi networks. We have the following two approaches but couldn’t find which one could be feasible.
1)One way could be connecting to one wifi network using a cape and connecting another using an adapter to the USB port. If this is possible in beaglebone black could anyone please suggest a wifi cape that can be supported by a beaglebone black.
2)Another way is to use two wifi adapters via a USB hub. But given that we are using a USB hub, both the adapters will have to use the common bus in order to connect to the BBBK. does the beaglebone black support this kind of connectivity?

Thank you.

Using a single LB link wireless usb adapter (http://chicagodist.com/products/long-range-wifi-usb-with-antenna-for-raspberry-pi) with an updated driver produces two independent wireless interfaces (ie wlan0 and wlan1). You’ll need to compile the driver to obtain the dual interfaces (see my post at https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!searchin/beagleboard/agius/beagleboard/bMQTXi1Jt80/RDnZRHbry_oJ) but its worth the effort.