Wifi & DHCP oddity


  How original, I try to get the Wifi up and running with the
BeagleBoard. Here it is my setup :
* BeagleBoard Rev C
* Angstrom Linux, minimal image built with the Narcissus web
* Wifi access provided by a USB D-Link DWA-110 dongle
* DHCP client is udhcpc

  I can connect successfully to open (no encryption) Wifi spots, in
that case, DHCP seems to work, pinging www.google.com works. But with
WEP Wifi spot, altough I can connect network, DHCP client seems to
fail, it says "No lease".

* Option 1 : using another DHCP client, it seemed to fix problems for
other people. I installed the dhcp-client package, but how I can say
that I want to use that client and not the default one, udhcpc ?
* Option 2 : I'm clueless and I'm listening to suggestions


Dear Jean:

I have experienced this also and the answer seems to lie in “Connection Manager” battling with “Network Manager”. Some have disabled connman in the startup scripts and gotten wifi to work.

One of the clues is to look at /var/log/messages when the wifi is connected and enabled and see if there are messages showing it ‘thrashing’ a bit. That is, associating and then de-associating quite quickly.