Wifi dongles for Arago?

Hello ,
I am using Arago on a Beagle Bone Black and would like to use a WiFi dongle but have realized that there are no device drivers installed for any of the USB WiFi Hardware devices I have:

Edimax- Realtek: Vendorid 7392 , Productid 7811

Realtek: Vendorid 0bda , Productid 818b

generic: Vendorid 148f , Productid 7601

With all of the above devices I get the same error if I plug in any of the devices:
musb-hdrc musb-hdrc.1.auto: otg: usb_otg_kick_fsm: invalid host/gadget device

Is there a known Wifi dongle that just works for Arago? Or will I have to compile the a driver for any WiFi dongle?

Thank you,