wifi intermittent

Hi guys!

I’m using a BeagleBone Green Wireless.
For programming I’m using putty with ssh through a home router and from time to time my connection closes.

I switched off the power save mode with:

echo 0 > /sys/kernel/debug/ieee80211/phy0/wlcore/sleep_auth

But nothing changes.

Any ideas?


I have had better luck using the iwconfig method to disable power management:

sudo iwconfig wlan0 power off

Substitute the appropriate name for wlan0 as needed.


Might not be the BeagleBone Green at all.

What else is running on you home router?

Things that run off batteries like smartphones and tablets sign off to save battery power then sign back on every five or ten minutes.

A lot of cheap wireless routers don’t have enough computing power to both route packets and run the sign-on authentication encryption processes.

So, they stop processing packets for the other clients while they authenticate the thing signing on.

Any system streaming data, audio or video has to have big enough buffers to cover up the system behavior.

It is amazing what you learn when you try to stream a lot of data in real time on a WiFi system.

And this is with a strong signal without interference.

You learn even more in a weak signal, congested RF environment, and throw in a few nearby microwave ovens, which are in the same 2.4 GHz band.

— Graham

Good point Graham. Now I’m in a warehouse with one router, many startups, many power machine working and Sonos speaker with audio streaming.

Mark, I try and it seems to work…how to do for run this command on every boot?