WiFi USB Dongle with Ångström


I have seen that some people have problems to get a USB WiFi dongle
running with Ångström on the Beagle Board.

Can you recommend me a USB WiFi dongle, which works good with

I'm a newbie. I hope you can recommend me a website where I can find
install information’s.


Hi Alexej,
I am using a RT3070-based USB wifi. But I am not sure where my boss bought it. Please search for that RT3070 chip.
Viet Hoang.

I don't' know whether the problem is the dongle or the USB port where
it is attached.

I've got a zd1211-based dongle and if I connect it to the USB EHCI
host (with or without an hub) it works perfectly, but if I connect it
to the USB OTG port it doesn't load the firmware.

I don't know the reason, but it seems that the OTG port has some
problem with firmware upload...

The board is Rev. C3.


Pietro Pizzo

In my case BELKIN 802.119 dongle is working fine.
I am using it with USB OTG and HUB.
What all you require in kernel is support of Ralink driver and rt73(usb) enabled.

Don’t know anything about USB EHCI but should work.


Hi All,

Is there any one having any idea abt Airlink Wi-Fi module and getting
it working on Android for beagleboard?