Wifi with Prism2 on 2.6.30 and B7


My Beagleboard had to rest for the last half year and the last days I
reactivated it. Now i have a problem: To get USB working I had to use
sakoman's 2.6.30 kernel but there is no prism2 usb driver. For the
newer kernel versions with prism2 driver, usb on B7 is not working. In
the Angstrom feeds the package is called: kernel-module-prism2-usb for
others it's the wlan-ng package. I also tried Ubuntu and Debian, but I
really want to use E17 as Desktop and couldn't manage to find and/or
to compile E17 there. So I tried switching back to Angstrom where I
knew E17 is included...

So can you point me where to find the driver for sakoman's 2.6.30 or
how I can manage to get USB working on 2.6.29 (which I think is not
that easy...).

Thank you, Tobias