wiki page on BBB, u-boot and eMMC "boot" partitions

following up on my question from yesterday (and originally knowing
nothing about eMMC hardware partitioning), i summarized how the
current version of u-boot is storing its environment information in
the H/W partition "boot1" in eMMC here:

but i still have a couple questions (embarrassed to admit i had no
idea how eMMC partitioning worked until i started reading about it).

  as i read it, the eMMC partition numbering is fixed, right? as in,
it's always:

* user=0
* boot0=1
* boot1=2

correct? (it better be.)

  from u-boot, it seems that i have no access to those non-user
partitions. switching to "mmc dev 1" and running "mmc part" will show
me only the partitions defined in the user area, yes? that is, the fat
and linux partitions.

  however (as i write on that wiki page), if i boot to linux, there
are in fact special device files corresponding to the two eMMC boot
partitions, and hexdump will show me their contents, where i can see
the env info in boot1.

  that's as far as i got but it at least explains where u-boot is
storing the environment info for the BBB. thoughts? any other
interesting tidbits i can add to that page?