Wikipedia Host for BBB


I have created a BBB site to host all relevant information in one place. Please feel free to add and update for you and all of us. Thank you.

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I don’t think a new wikipedia is the right thing in this case…

There are already like 5 wiki’s for the BBB, possibly even more.

Exactly, I think the effort should be placed on for general electronic stuff and for BBB only stuff. And the relevant code posted on github of course.

We are in the process of setting up an official public one on that anyone can add to or mess up. We are also moving the support Wiki there as well. Takes a little time to move the stuff and get the public one set up.


I am new and do not know which one is the best. I find it hard to find information by googling and see all the questions and answers which may not be correct. Also there are too many variable factors, such as Linux distribution, programming language, more than one way to do the same thing. In order to grow exponentially, some standards must be defined. Arduino and mbed are good examples. I think it is hard at the moment.

To me, any open web site is okay, i.e., not tied to any commercial products. We can have polls to find out what are needed and then prioritize the development or integration existing solutions, according to programming language. I believe distribution is minor as all Linux are POSIX.

We will be doing the Wiki and we will maintain the Support Wiki as well.

To get everything into one Wiki is a daunting task. Wikis must be kept up to date. A never version of any distribution or a new version of HW can render a Wiki unusable and in some cases dangerous. So having multiple Wikis is fine, as long as everyone supports them and keeps them up to date. So having a focus in one Wiki or one set of Wikis, based on not being new to this, is the way to go.

I am as much concerned about having good information as I am bad information. It is easy for good information to go bad.