Will a 12v adapter work with BBB?

Just wondering before I mess it up.

Well, it'll just let the smoke out once...


There is a label on the power jack that says ā€œ5Vā€. A 12 V supply will result in undesirable consequences.


uhhhh yes

CircuitCo has a 12 Volt to 5 Volt linear regulator CAPE for the BBB, that will allow you to put 12 Volts into the CAPE, and 5 Volts gets sent to the BBB.


Of course, it might be cheaper to just buy a 5V Wall-Wart.

ā€” Graham

i been using a cell phone 700ma usb charger on one of my beagles
works well but you cant flash using it
i got a bunch of them from old cell phones