Will it be possible connect RAMPS to BeagleBone Black with logic level shifter

Have anything thinking of doing this conversion or it better just to redesign ramps to use level shifter directly? And will there be performance issues if we use logic level shifter to drive the stepper motor?

The stepper motor drivers on the RAMPS are capable of running off of
3.3V power on the digital side. When I interfaced my RAMPS board to a
PC parallel port (which was on the motherboard and had 3.3V drive...5V
logic is pretty much ancient history at this point), I powered the
RAMPS from 3.3V and just used a simple transistor level shifter to
drive the FETs with a 12V gate drive (since the 3.3V gate drive would
be marginal at best, and 12V Vgs won't destroy any power FETs I know
of). You can do the same thing and run the RAMPS off of 3.3V so it
recognizes the BeagleBone 3.3V signals properly.

Details and schematics are in github:


...instead of the I2C ADC I had to use with the parallel port, you can
just use the BeagleBone ADC.

It should be quite straight-forward to make a BeagleBone to RAMPS
interface board (I even have the name picked out: CapeR, short for
CapeRAMPS). The only reason I haven't done it yet is I'm too busy
porting LinuxCNC to the BeagleBone. :slight_smile:

Holler if you have any questions!

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Charles Steinkuehler

Actually I saw this just yesterday, it seem like there is plan to make it 3.3v compatible with adopter board, but still in early stage. will follow up and see if it will work out later… maybe should just update the ramp board with the new 3.3v design. It can be use by Arduino due and chipkit max. But the problem with due or max is the firmware like GRBL is not ported to 32bit yet.