Will the webcast "Taking the BeagleBone Cookbook recipes beyond BeagleBone Black" be available?

I missed the notice about yesterdays webcast “Taking the BeagleBone Cookbook recipes beyond BeagleBone Black”. Will it be available on youTube or someplace else?

Info about what does or doesn’t work on the BBG could be useful to me at the moment.

I missed the webcast as well. I’m not sure if it will show up here, but it looks like the newest video is 2 days old:


So maybe in the next few days the recording will appear.

Regarding the BBG, one thing for sure the chip that does HDMI is not there. No video.


I’m well aware of the no video, but IMHO its a feature, not a bug. If you’ve ever actually tried to use a GUI on the HDMI interface, performance over ssh -X is better. Its a lot of GPIO pins to give up for such a lame display.

Thanks for the link, I’ll check it in a few days as you suggest.

Watch the webcast:

Signup for webcast event:

Other book promotion webcasts:

I followed you link and registered, and got redirected to:


But its just a blank black page. Looks like they are no longer serving up the webcast.

I followed Soapy Smith’s youtube link and its not there yet, the newest is 4 days old.

Register for Jason’s Jan 28 webcast:

Other book promotion webcasts:

There is a 2-layer sign-in process, first you need an O’Reilly account, then you have to register for the webcast.

It’s essentially a 1.5 hour long info-mercial for both Beagleboard.org and “Beaglebone Cookbook” with the two authors of the book discussing numerous Beagleboard topics.

It’s really good. What I got out of it is a better understanding of the history and motivation for Beagleboard.org.
It’s really starting to branch out and you will see where they are headed with this technology.

Starting about 80 minutes in there is a discussion of the Device Tree and how it relates to “mainline Linux”. Worth a listen!

I watched using Firefox in Ubuntu 14.04. O’Reilly’s media player is one of the best I have seen. There is a row of icons at the bottom you can use to control the session.
Very informative presentation by authors Mark Yoder and Jason Kridner!

Thanks! I’ll ping O’Reilly to see if they will post without requiring so many login steps.