Will this power supply work?

I have angstrom installed on my sd card and I'm ready to run it on my
beagle board for the first time. But this page
http://www.angstrom-distribution.org/demo/beagleboard/ says that I
shouldn't use the usb port for power the first time but should use an
external power supply. So I have a power supply that was originally
for a powered usb hub, here's the specs I have on the supply:

input: 100-120V-0.4A, 50-60hz LF
output: +5.0V 2.5A

It fits, the voltage is correct, the amps are high enough but I read
somewhere that the output needs to be a regulated and "clean" power
supply. How could I determine that?



ps No more info at manufactures website. I also measured the output
with a multimeter and it was 5.20V (if that helps).

The voltage and current sound fine. However, you have not provided the information as to design of the connector, so while the specs look OK, I can’t say the power supply will work. If you plan to load up the USB ports on the -xM, then I would go a little higher on the current. %.2V is most likely the unloaded voltage levels, so that should drop. If it stays at 5.2V yu should be OK as long as you don’t have any unforeseen voltage spikes on the power supply depending on how cheap it is and how well regulated it is. The way to figure this out is to put a scope on it while in use. Or, you can plug it in and give it a try. If you have flaky operation or intermittent issues then you may have a noisy supply.

You could also provide us with things like the part number and manufacturer of the supply to provide us more information to go on.


Thanks for the help Gerald. Here's somemore specs:

The power supply came with this hub:
D-Link DUB-H4

The power supply is also D-Link and has this Model No.:

I'm using the Revision C3 beagle board. I plan to make a stereo video
camera with the beagleboard so I will be using 2 webcams with it and
running it off of a battery most of the time. But for right now I
don't have a battery system put together yet and I want to boot it up
once to see that everything is working.

I would have just plugged it in and tried it out but I was afraid of
possibly damaging the board by using the wrong power supply. Do you
think it is safe to give it a go and try it out?


I'm using this http://www.lynxmotion.com/p-527-regulated-wall-
pack-50vdc-25amp.aspx wall pack, and it works perfectly. I need to get
another one so I can power my hub and Beagle using a separate supply. This one
is 5.0V @ 2.5 A.


Special Computing sells a 2.5A Beagleboard Power Supply for half that price:


DLink has good power supplies with their products from my experience and I have used them to power the Beagle from time to time., so you should be OK. Make sure that the positve pin is the internal pin while the outside pin is ground.


Just ran it this morning and the Angstrom screen came up. Thanks
everybody for the help and suggestions.