Will we lose access to BBB pins when LCD cape is connected?


I am searching for an LCD cape for Beaglebone Black and came across this product: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/12085

From the images provided on that page, it seems we lose physical access to BBB GPIO pins once the two are connected together; LCD cape’s male connector mates with all the pins on BBB. If true, how do we make connection with other peripherals in the system? For example, a microcontroller.

Please suggest an LCD cape where this issue doesn’t come up.

Unless you are tied to the 4” size, I suggest you try a 7” cape.

I believe Special Computing carries them.


There are a bunch of options you can use, such as prototyping capes etc to get at the signals. The BBB is the first part in the stack of capes, and the LCD cape is designed to be the last cape in the stack. So if you want to access the extra pins, you need to get at them between the two.

The 7" from 4D Systems and the 7" from CircuitCo both allow you to access the extra pins.

If you want to use the 4", then have a look at something like this: http://tigal.com/product/2413

Lots of other options too. Sandwich that in between your BBB and your LCD Cape and access the pins that way.