Wilson - Arch Linux ARM expansion for penetration testers and security researchers

AdminEmpire.com is proud to announce our public “beta” release of the Wilson repo.

So what is Wilson exactly? It is an easy to add on repo to your existing Arch Linux ARM device. We currently have binaries for armv6h and armv7h. We aimed to make Wilson as simple of an add-on as possible. We test our binaries to make sure they do not effect your vanilla Arch Linux ARM install. Our tool list is growing daily.

Wilson, adds a simple layer to your existing Arch Linux ARM board with access to a vast selection of security, forensics and pen-test tools pre-compiled and easily installed individually or with groups. While all tools in the repo work, there actual functionality will depend greatly on the board being run on and what else the board is doing. Adding this repo can give you as light weight or heavily bloated system all depending on your method of installing packages. If you plan to install the entire ‘wilson’ group be sure to use a 8GB sd-card at minimum.

These are the devices that we currently have for testing our repo on.

Beaglebone Black
Gumstix Overo
Raspberry Pi

If you’re a big fan of Arch on your Beagle’s and want to add on penetration tools this is your answer. You can easily create security devices and much more. Think of wilson as an expansion to the great base OS Arch Linux ARM.

You should consider the repo in a “beta” stage at this point as I need more users to test the packages. Right now all the information is on the blog, but if there is enough interest I will turn on a site, wiki, CVS and an IRC channel. If you would like to join in the fun please contact me directly through email.

Tutorials and how-to’s will start rolling out next week on AdminEmpire

Comments are very much welcomed, this project can go a few ways at this point so be a part of the beginning stages.

More Info:
Wilson Information: http://www.adminempire.com/arch-linux-arm-wilson-repo-live/
Repo Page: http://www.adminempire.com/repos/
GPG Page: http://www.adminempire.com/adminempire-gpg-keys/

We have now posted a current tool list:

Check back often for an updated list, Friday is our next release with
more even more tools coming.