Win32DiskImager Writing Problem

1) In Circuitco wiki Support, there is a procedure to write the /xMc_4_25.img of 3.85 GB to micro SD.
My 4G SD formatted to be 3.69 GB so I got not enough space on disk. (How can I "un-format" the SD?)

I got a 8G SD off the shelf without pre-formatting.
Use Win32DiskImager to write xMc_4_25 with the same not enough space error. I even format the 8G SD to be 7.5 GB and still got the same problem.

2) In beagleboard/wiki/BeagleBoardDiagnosticsNext URL, there are two images:

beagleboard-validation-201008201549.img of 8 MB (applied 7-zip)
beagleboard-demo-201008201549-configured.img of 3.56 GB (applied 7-zip)

Use Win32DiskImager to write -validation- image and SD shows 116MB. It seems the file has been written. But I can not boot the SD on BeagleBoard. (I expect this is the same image in the SD shipped with BB.)

Format the SD to be 3.69 GB and write the -demo- image of 3.56 GB. Win32DiskImager complains not enough space even 3.56 is less than 3.69 GB.

Please help how to make Windows system copy the file(s) and boot from BeagleBoard. (How to solve the not enough space problem.) Thanks.


Use the HP Format tool to reformat the SD card.It can be downloaded from one of the following locations.,64963-page,1/description.html


I tried the image direct from the CCO WIKI and it works perfectly. As I said, format using the HP format tools. If you still can’t get enough space after that, try another SD card.


Ive got the same problem even after doing everything