WinCE or Linux?

Hello everyone,

I have taken time to write a Qt 4.5 application and I’m hoping to take advantage of NEON/dsp/SGX on the OMAP3. I can either choose to go with WinCE 6.0 or Linux. My question is, which OS best supports the OMAP3 on the Beagle Board for a Qt application at the moment? Is it WinCE or Linux? If Linux, which distribution? Angstrom? Has anyone tried Maemo? My hope is to get the best performance out of the processor…


On the support side, you will have greater community support when using a Linux-based distro, as opposed to Windows CE.
Angstrom has been designed to be used on low-power and embedded systems, such as the beagle, and will give you the best performance. Other more full-featured distros, like Ubuntu, will also work, but generally will consume more RAM and storage space.