Windows 7 x64 "USB device not recognized" issue

I’m experiencing an issue with my BeagleBone Black.

After plugging in my BBB in laptop USB port, I see “USB device not recognized” tooltip

As the result, BBB appears in device manager as “Unknown device” and does not appear in Explorer as a drive (as it should).
OS: Windows 7 x64

I would be superglad if someone can help me :slight_smile:

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Did you install the drivers?


Yep, I’ve installed those drivers. As I can see from installation final step all four of them are installed correctly.

This message I have seen before, when the board is not booted. Just the ROM code running. Is the board booting?


Accoridng to LEDs - yes, it boots normally.
After about 10 sec LED status is:
USR0 - Blinking in heartbeat pattern
USR1 - turned off
USR2 - turned on, seems to blink frequently
USR3 - turned off

Are you seeing an additional COM port show up a few minutes after the board boots? You should also see a storage drive show up as well… But not until after the kernel fully boots. Could be 2-3 minutes.


Unfortunately, neither additional COM port not storage drive doesn’t appear.

I have several Win 7 PCs and they all work fine. The fact that it does see the USB port, even though it does not have a driver for it, means the USB connection is good.
After the driver was installed, did you reset the PC?


Yes, I did a PC reboot, and no luck.
I’ve also tried this BBB with other PCs and the issue is still here. Probably, I’ll need to return it to my vendor and get the new one instead.

Where did you buy it?


From, arduino-ua; it’s a local seller of such stuff here, in Ukraine.

If it can be useful: Rev A5C, 0 027132957125

Then that is your only choice as they are not an authorized distributor.


I would try a wall adapter with a console cable first. Probably bad sw is the issue

I’m having a similar issue with my BBB, however the LED lights blink in this row pattern like
USR0 - Turns on
USR1 - Turns on
USR2 - Turns on
USR3 - Turns on
USR0 - Turns off
USR1 - Turns off
USR2 - Turns off
USR3 - Stays on, pattern reverses.
Does this mean that the BBB isn’t booting properly?