Windows CE on Beagleboard-xm

Hello -

I am trying to run Windows CE on the beagleboard-xm.

From documentation I have found, the necessary files are the MLO, NK.bin and Ebootsd.nb0. Can I just pull the MLO off the startup disk distributed with the xm?

After copying that MLO, I copy NK.bin and Ebootsd.bin to the sd card (Fat32 Bootable). When I try to startup the beagleboard, I get several errors:

  1. that u-boot.bin cannot be read
    Again, I copied this file from the startup sd card distributed with the xm

After this, I get the following error messages:
1.cannot read user. scr
2. cannot read boot.scr
3. cannot read uImage
4. cannot read ramdisk.gz

If I copy these files (except boot.scr) from the startup disk, the Angstrom kernel loads.

Where can I get the files I need/what am I doing incorrectly.


I was able to get Windows CE up and running.

Now I am attempting to install a driver.

What is the appropriate way to do this?