Windows CE..


    Does the Beagle Board supports Windows CE?

    Any body tried that??

Meenakshikumar S

Hi Meenakshikumar,

I think the board does support Windows CE. (above half way down)

I have not tried it.


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Here is my community project that is building a Windows CE BSP from scratch:

Bill Mar
Special Computing

Our Codeplex stuff is a community contribution that is spun off from our commercial work for OEM development and training. We are doing a series of releases intended to build from an initial release (with nearly nothing) then add features in step-wise fashion.

If you are just looking for a finished BSP to start your product, perhaps should wait until our team of developers are done posting everything in the series, or you can license it commercially. You are welcome to join our developer team if you can commit to contributing to this effort.

The JTAG we’re using is the ARM RealView probe.

Bill Mar
Special Computing