Windows Embedded Compact7 (WinCE7) on BeagleBoard-XM(Revision C)


I want to order a BeagleBoard-XM to use WinCE7(Windows Embedded Compact 7) on it.
The revision of the Board is C.

Has anyone already tried WinCE7 on this board?
Does the binaries available in below link will work without any issues. I see that there are three revisions of WinCE7 avaiblable(BBxM_WEC7_BIN_V104,BBxM_WEC7_BIN_V105 and BBxM_WEC7_BIN_V106b). which one will be most suitable for the board.

Will really appreciate your inputs as the board is bit costly and I want to be sure that WinCE7 will work without any issues on the board.

Thanks & Regards,