Windows Embedded on a BBB

I’ve been experimenting with my BBB for a while now, and came across an interesting question: Can one run Windows on a BBB? I’m sure people have tried before, but I can’t find much of an answer on the Internet.
I’m really just looking for either an answer in the affirmative, with some sort of a guide or instructions, or an explanation why I can’t. I won’t necessarily attempt it but I want to see if it could be done, specifically with the tools that I have at my disposal.
I have the following Windows products available that I want to try to use:

  1. Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro
  2. Windows Embedded 8 Industry
  3. Windows Embedded Compact 7
  4. Windows Embedded Compact 2013
  5. Windows Embedded Standard 7
  6. Windows Embedded CE 6.0

Do any of these support ARM? If so, is it possible to run any of them on a BBB? How?

Sorry if this has already been asked, but I can’t find any sort of a guide through searches.

Windows RT is the version for ARM. That is literally all I know.

I haven’t done anything more than download the image from here:

It appears that USB OTG isn’t supported and it can only be booted from SD, but that not be a big deal depending on what you need. Haven’t found much more than that, certainly no tutorials.

Yeah… Unfortunately you can’t get RT as a consumer. I think that there is at least one on that list that supports ARM (that is a list of all the ones that I can get). It’s really just a question of finding someone who understands the complexities of how these devices boot who can put the files where they need to be… not sure that I can find anyone like that here, but it’s worth a shot :wink: