Windows Network Projector?

I was wondering if there's a Windows Network Projector flash image out
there for the begleboard?

Before I got started with the beagleboard I'd run across documenting the use of the
Gumstix OMAP3530 creating a network projector interface. It intrigues
me a bit.

I've got a projector that runs at 1024x768, so I think it should be
able to run with the beagleboard. (My projector can use either DVI or
VGA input)

I just ran across which describes
how to build a network projector on an arbitrary windows CE platform.

I read that the method used as based on the RDP protocol, and I know
that there are open source implementations of the RDP protocol.

I've read that there are a couple of projects for a board support
package for running Windows CE on the beagleboard. I believe that any
project that actually shipped with this would require a license fee to
Microsoft, but right now I'm just curious if a software project like
this exists.


Seems like it would not be hard to do using rdesktop on Linux running on the BeagleBoard, or even using VNC servers/clients. I frequently use my laptop to control the GUI in a BB connected to a TV using VNC


The main thing I'm interested in is the service being offered over the
network that requires little extra work to use from the client. That
means that it needs to simply work, with no extra client software
installation and configuration. VNC is a "fiddle with" solution in my


If your “clients” will be windows-based, you can simply use rdesktop on the BB to connect to the rdesktop running on the PC, as your video showed. Keep in mind that some windows don’t have rdesktop server, such as “home editions”.

It won’t be hard to write a simple app, such as a webpage, to tell the “network projector” to connect to the rdesktop on a certain machine.