Windows Program / Application

I have a weather Station Application that I’d like to run on BBB. I’ve loaded an image of Windows CE onto the Micro SD card and can boot into it. The issue is the Application won’t run. I think this has something to do with ARM vs i386 technology’s (newbie alert). Is there some type of a Windows Emulator or any other OS that will allow Windows Applications / Programs to run on BBB?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Just a follow up to this earlier question. Is there an easy way to get a Windows application to work on the BBB?

Context ?

Wine ? IPC ? Directly ?

Thank you. I’ll review Wine and see if I can make heads or tails of it and how I would go about installing / running it on BBB then installing my windows based application called “Sandysoft”.

Looks like a mono application:

"Beta and test releases

Cumulus MX, a cross platform version of Cumulus which runs on Windows,
Linux (including the Raspberry Pi) and Mac OS X, is currently in beta
test. See the forum for more information."

Just get the Raspberry Pi build..


Yeup, they say it has a Linux build. And better yet, did not mention a PI build, but if that works . . .it works.