Windows won't recognize BBB over USB

I was running the 10-29-15 version of Ubuntu. So, I decided to update to the 01-06-15 version of the flasher Ubuntu. I flashed the device, rebooted it, and everything appeared to run fine.

So, I then went to plug in the USB cable to my Windows 8 PC. I do not see the BBB as a network device. I do however see it listed as device ELMO GMAS (COM5).

When I previously flashed the device, it definitely showed up as a network device and I was able to SSH to it. So, I don’t know what I did differently in this case or if the new version of Ubuntu is even a factor at all.

I am sort of stuck.

I also tried to connect Putty to the BBB over serial, but I could not get that working either.

You need to do two things to 01-06-15..

cd /opt/scripts/
git pull


sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get install linux-image-3.14.33-ti-r50


Is that true for the flasher version? I am actually flashing from Windows. The problem is that I can’t even connect to the BBB.


You can... over the serial com port it creates..

There was a bug, so i opted to enable usb-serial over nothing..


Got it. I will try to get to see if I can get it connected over serial com later tonight.