Wireless device options for beaglebone

I wanted to add wireless to my Beaglebone to be able to read values sent from remote wireless devices.

The application is for wireless door/window sensors like in a home security product.

I have been considering using xbee for this, one xbee connected to Beaglebone and each door/window will have a xbee that senses
door open/close via a hall effect sensor or a reed switch and then send the signal to the xbee connected to beaglebone.

After reading RL Budde post in the forum that he plans on using CC1101 for some wireless communication, will CC1101 be suitable for my application.
I think using xbee for all senors will turn out to be expensive. I also came across the nordic nRF24L01 in the forum being used for wireless applications.

Any suggestions on what will be best suitable for my application and cost effective.