WL18xx Cape support in Android

Has anyone used the WL18xx Cape with Android on the BBB for Bluetooth and Wifi? TI site says its supported and they provide some documentation for an older Android release, I would like to use BBBAndroid though :slight_smile:



Assuming you refers to CircuitCo WL1835MOD cape, you might be able to make WLAN(Wifi) work. But that needs quite some efforts on the Kernel and Andriod filesystem. The WLAN interface shares the same interface of BBB on board eMMC. So you can only choose one of them.

You won’t be able to make Bluetooth work as is because the way the board is designed. The cape uses UART4 to communicate with bluetooth chip. The bluetooth interface requires RTS and CTS handshake. Unfortunately those two pins are being used by LCD_DATA12 and 13.

TI claims that BBB is supported in their Linux release, which is true. But you could only use it without any LCD support (not LCD cape, not HDMI output).

Hope this helps!


That explains after merging the patches my LCD stopped functioning :slight_smile:

Thanks for the information,