Work around an issue on installing FTDI drivers on Win32 hosts with non US Windows.


The issue I found was that, when I tried to install the bone drivers
made by FTDI as it appears, the dpinst.exe (program running the
install process of the drivers) rejected the install quoting that my
computer did not have proper system language for installing this
For my case, the system computer language is French and cannot be
changed easily (this is not the language for the end user).

What I did was:
Visit the URL
and quote the language code adequate for my language/country combi.

Copy the two exe files within the Drivers\Windows directory to a safe
place on my local drive.
Use a file desarchiver (I personally used AltZip but I belive that
7zip itself is a freeware to extract the content of the exe files in a
relevant directory on my local drive too.
Edit The dpinst.xml file and change the language_code (originally
0x0409) to the figure quoted from the visit to the URL above.

Double click on the dpinst.exe icon. You would then get a mix of
English text and localized text from then in the dialog window popup.
But at the end, the drivers seem to be installed correctly on my

HTHATS (Hope This Helps As they Say),
Best regards,