Working image for XM?

I'm having trouble getting any images to boot on my XM, including the
validation ones. Does anyone have a link for an Angstrom image that
will boot fully on the BB XM?


   Hope this site will help u in validating the beagleboard Xm


Follow the link mentioned below to build online Angstrom Image for Beagleboard-xM.

Build it according to steps mentioned in the below link

Tenet Technetronics

If you are following the instructions at,
they seem to be flawed. Instead of copying the MLO and u-boot.bin
from that location, copy them from the /boot directory in the root
file system you downloaded. The steps at
worked for me.



Ah, never mind! I had a bad partition on my SD card. My narcissus
images are booting now.....

They are most certainly not flawed! I will postulate that those are the only working ones, wikis and blogs cannot be trusted.

Perhaps then you can help me understand why the device doesn't make it
past "Uncompressing Linux... ...done, booting the kernel." when
following the instructions at that URL as written. I started a thread
where I've outlined my attempts, if you are inclined to weigh in and
help I'd appreciate your input.