Worst Quality control EVER!!!!

i can assure you that circuitco will offer a full RMA on your board. if you have issues we want to know about them, address them and move forward with them…

BeagleBone Black is a new product, and like any new product there are often some learning curve. send me or gerald an email… we’ll get you squared away…


My offer still stands if you change your mind!


embedding emmc is good choice for a final product, but not very convenient for some users, I could not change boot options and I am stuck with broken emmc image. 1 of my two board stucks at MLO, could not boot from SD.

Well, let me see:

1-The BeagleBone Black does not have on the documentation the amount of calcium it contains!

2-It has a Dog on the box, so it can cause heart attacks on some overweight Cats!

3-Instead of being Black it is a very dark shade of olive green, and has other colors ( like chrome, golden and white)!

4-If you try to feed it to a Beagle, the Beagle will not eat it.

5-As is it is a BeagleBone, my dog (not a Beagle) got seriously depressed.

6-It is not clear if it is organic or not!

7- It does not says on the disclaimer if any Beagles were harmed during production (did they take the Bone out of some Beagle?).

8-It is not clear if it was animal tested or not.

Now, more seriously:

The BBone Black was launched one month ago. it has extensive documentation, and varied OS support. All the schematics and engineering data is available. You can get the (wonderful) documentation about all the ICs used.
You only need to download them, without signing any NDA, The ICs have very complete errata! The fact that they exist (the errata) means nobody is hiding anything from you. The level of support on on this forum is wonderful for products that cost a thousand times what a BBone costs.

if you find a better board, please tell us.

My thanks to all the people behind the BBone.

Paulo Ferreira


Have you tried the new image?

  - Fixed opkg update issue

    Audio now supported. Will default to 1280x720 for audio support and should be compatible with TVs and displays.

    Fixed bug in HDMI driver that was sending conflicting information to the display.

    Addressed race condition on login.

    Fixed incorrect DDR3 timings in the flasher


I got 5 BBB, as today we have unboxed 3 of them and those 3 were working just fine, upgraded them to last image and now trying to put Wheezy on them; we haven’t tried HDMI stuff because we are not going to use it.

But AFAIK when you press the boot switch and power the unit you’re shorting some (or just one) of the boot resistors so MLO and uBoot should be read from the SD card not the eMMC; so even if the MLO flashed to the eMMC is broken you have a way out. If the SD card cannot be read then maybe is a faulty unit :frowning:

This is a US$45 development platform not an appliance and for those US$45 you get a lot of value.

My experience with SD cards.

I deployed 700 units which used to work with a SD card (using RAM fs writing changes just every 3 hours) about two months later I had to change every SD card for an industrial SLC SD card (one year an ticking), each card cost me about US$30 and each visit to change the card was about US$80 :frowning: