Would like to early-adopt beaglebone

I would like to early adopt the beaglebone for two different projects.

My employer is a major silicon producer that has recently entered into
the capacitive touch screen market. We have a new form of evaluation
module that we'd like to interface with standard PCs through some
controller-based card. It turns out that TI's beagleboard (C4 or Xm)
would be a good product to base this off of, however, the cost was a
little high and the board is a bit too large. It turns out that the
BeagleBone is ideal in size and cost for this.

Also, we're making demonstration devices for our sales team to carry
to major customers. In previous models, we've used the BeagleBoard to
produce these demos, however, it makes for a rather clunky-looking
device, especially when a 3.2 inch screen is mounted on it. From the
looks of it, the BeagleBone would probably be the ideal mainboard for
these demonstration devices. These demonstration devices will run
Android. In the past, we've used Froyo, but are soon to integrate
Gingerbread into the devices.

I would greatly appreciate having a chance to early-adopt the
BeagleBone, and will probably end up ordering many of them in the long-

Thank you

Rob Stoddard